Ungulate Vision (Hooved Animals)
Ungulates have panoramaic vision however they only have a small window of binocular vision directly in front of them. The rest of their visual field is 2D and seen as flat masses of colour. Their vision is slightly blurrier than ours, impairing their ability to see explicit detail.
They cannot see tones in the red colour spectrum, viewing the world in shades of yellow, blue and grey. They also have an enhanced ability to see Ultraviolet light, which is heightened at dawn and dusk.

Broad range camouflage patterns are present in the animal kingdom and are an essential element in effective concealment at a distance. Distance without contrast creates a solid that is more easily seen as one solid shape. At Desolve we have created an active balance between broad and narrow range patterns achieving vision depth, contrast and color tone making your shape undetectable to your prey with a limitless engagement range.

Engagement distances are not predetermined so a camouflage that actively confuses an animal’s vision across a limitless range rewrites the rules of engagement and clearly hands you the advantage you are looking for.

The multiple layers and patterns in Desolve Veil, Bare, Wing and Fire exploit the weakness in animal vision. Their vision is made up of rods and cones like ours but the absence of one set of cones changes everything and necessitates a camouflage that is not based on our perceptions of blending in but actively providing deception that confuses animal vision.

Broad and Narrow range patterns do not work exclusively of each other, like anything that works effectively it relies on interaction. Narrow range patterns integrate with the wide range patterns, layers and contrast to actively break you up in an animal’s vision across a broad range of engagement distances.

Micro patterns create noise (not the audible kind) and confuse animal vision. This image of the Leopard whilst visible to the human eye is a micro pattern that makes them an indistinguishable shape to their prey.

The incorrect balance between macro and micro patterns will cause your silhouette to appear as one mass making you obvious to your prey.